playing age actor
30 - 40


5"5 inch

hair color

eye color

english (mother tongue), german (vw)

australian english, british english, american english, high german, eastern european (vw)

body shape

cycling, netball and field hockey, modeling, writing, athletics, improvisation (vw), yoga, dance, flute (g)



2022, Frozen MomentsNo.8 Films
Director: Craig Newland
Role: Lena

2021, A Beautiful Request Fat Kid Films
Director: Robert Chuter
Role: Salome

2020, Medea InstinctMWFF/ACMI
Director: Heidi Ann Frick
Role: Georgia

2020, ShirinAI Film Pro
Director: Ronak Taher
Role: Shirin

2019, The AnnouncementIA Films (Feature)
Director: Lanre Sulola
Role: Janine

2019, HawaaAmazon Prime/FNR Films
Director: Mahesh Reddy
Role: Natasha

2019, BBC IdeasBBC (TV)
Director: Mark Lucas
Role: guest

2017, I, TimonNoah’s Art Films
Director: Bramwell Noah
Role: Lady Ventidius

2016, Chloe LivesHumblebug Pictures
Director: Nathan Sirikumara
Role: Jane

2016, According to Ben AdamsNoah’s Art Films
Director: Bramwell Noah
Role: Alex

2015, Make or BreakPE Productions (TV)
Director: Thomas Petrakos
Role: Series Regular

2014, Grund Inaway Productions (Feature)
Director: George Kalpa
Role: girl

2013, The Dury’s OutProduktion: Blueprint Studios
Director: Reuben Street
Role: The Reporter

2013, The Gatwick Freeze VCA (Feature)
Director: Andrew Cruickshank
Role: Lucy

2013, The Sunset SixStorybox Films
Director: Jeremy Stanford
Role: fangirl

2012, Cup of Acceptance VCA (Feature)
Director: Vivek Raman
Role: Rachel

THEATRE (Selection)

2018, Everyman16th Street Actors Studio
Director: Iain Sinclair
Role: Knowledge/Beauty

2015, Jean Paul GaultierNGV
Director: Adele Varcoe
Role: Emmy

2014, Mythos, Zauber, GeheimnisEU National Institutes of Culture
Director: David Kram
Role: narrator

2012, Alles PlastikUnion House Theatre
Director: Ingrid Gaeng
Role: Julia

OTHERS (Selection)

2022, Dellacoma: Akashic MemoryCurtain Call Records (Music video)
Director: Adrienne Beacco
Role: Dorian Gray

2019, Lessless: SlingshotOnyx Studios (Music video)
Director: David Bartkiewicz
Role: dancer

2017-2018, Lexus: JapanHeckler, Hamlet, AOI Pro (Commercial)
Director: Marco Gentile
Role: Avenger

2016, ConciergeCrewcible (Commercial)
Director: Jimmy Logue
Role: Katie

2015, DeakinRobot Army Productions (Commercial)
Director: Ryan Chamley
Role: law student

2015, SportsbetThe Sweet Shop (Commercial)
Director: Nick Kelly
Role: girlfriend

2014-2016, Cancer CouncilGuilty Content (Commercial)
Director: Edwin McGill
Role: girl

2013, Target with Gok WanFlinders Lane Productions (Commercial)
Director: Various
Role: friend

2013, WorkSafe8com (Commercial)
Director: Josh Frizzell
Role: bride

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