playing age actor
28 - 38


5"10 inch

hair color
light brown

eye color

english (mother tongue), greek (B)

american englisch, heightened RP, west country (vw)

body shape

biking (vw), climbing, badminton, running, aerial acrobatics (g)



2023, Wilting LiliesUAL (Short film)
Director: Emma Michaelson Aasland
Role: Michael

2023, MARKED BY INTENSITYMax Planck Institute of Empirical Aesthetics (Feature)
Director: Pamela Breda
Role: Mediator

2023, FlipsideCopywrong Films (TV Feature)
Director: Lucas Pozzey
Role: Matt

2022, Frankie & JohnnyCentral Film School
Director: Antonio de Faria
Role: Johnny

2022, Ides of MarchCentral Film School
Director: Max Walker
Role: Stephen Meyers

2022, Remembering Ada SalterIndependent (Feature)
Director: Nicolette Burford
Role: Joseph Waller / WWI Veteran

2022, AnneDemalbysse Productions (TV)
Director: Steve Baldwin
Role: The Mouleur

2022, The GuideLondon Film School (Short film)
Director: Ryan Kochberg
Role: Ansel

2022, Love in the cityHO Releasing (Feature)
Director: Hank Orion
Role: Peter

2022, PatchActing Gymnasium (Short film)
Director: Gavin McAlinden
Role: passerby

2022, MidnightRITCS (Short film)
Director: Octave Ishimwé
Role: Eddy

2022, PauseIndependent (Short film)
Director: Ella Robertson-Galloway
Role: Dylan

2022, SkinStoneCrabs Theatre (Short film)
Director: Ben Murray-Homes
Role: Ross

2021, Beyond the paleLondon Film School (Short film)
Director: Jonathan Williams
Role: Zach

2021, Buckle upMAHA films (Feature)
Director: Ross Fall / Chris Newman
Role: Officer Entwhistle

2021, ScarFusionAlpha (Short film)
Director: Gethin Anthony
Role: David

2021, Day upon dayDBS Films (Short film)
Director: John Le Brocq
Role: K

2021, DinahGatton Films (Short film)
Director: Guy Taylor
Role: Peter

2021, Over a bottle of roséFilm Locos (Short film)
Director: Cortney Stowers
Role: Matis

2021, Waiting for loveCinelion (Short film)
Director: Ima von Wenden
Role: Rory Cavendish

2021, The curse and the grimoireRaindance (TV Pilot)
Director: Audrey Le Mignant
Role: Balthazar

2021, The downfall architectIndependent (Short film)
Director: Max Roberts
Role: Joseph Maxwell

2020, Half paintedMosys (Short film)
Director: Ioulietta Thymi
Role: Jeff

OTHERS (Selection)

2023, Beautiful secretsIndependent (Podcast)
Director: Mayra Becerra
Role: Thomas

2021, Take offIndependent (Short film/Voice-Over)
Director: Subbu Peteti
Role: Cop 1, 2 & Anon caller

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